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Welcome to my new photo site

My Pictures from the USA

I have been lucky enough to have travelled around the USA over the last few years, while on these travels I have taken many thousands of photographs.

I have visited many of the national parks, monuments and state parks in the western states. I have been also lucky enough to have travelled around New England

I have split the site into States and as I process and choose the pictures they will be added to the galleries.  This is expected to take a few months. The project was started late in 2012 and redesigned in late December 2012

Each state will be split into the various cities, parts and parks that we visited. A few cities but mainly the photographs are of the wilder parts

For a start i have entered Arizona and then California (Dec 23rd 2012 ).

Colorado, Idaho, Maine and Massachusetts loaded in January,

Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon in Feb 2013

Utah (one of my largest to sort next)

More galleries and will be adding the other sets when they are finished. Those states starting with an X are not ready yet.

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