Both visits to California we flew into San Francisco airport and stayed in the area for a day or so to get over the 6,000 mile flight.

Listing the galleries in alphabetical order you will find:
Burney Falls in northern California or to give its full name McAthur- Burney Memorial falls state park. A truly wonderful park with a 129 foot waterfall and many other natural attractions in the park.

Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are side by side in along the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will find some of the largest trees in the world in these packs along with one of the deepest canyons in the USA at 8200 feet.  To the east of the parks are the peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountain which can be seen from various viewpoints, from the top of mono rock (if you get a clear day.

Lake Tahoe is shared between the 2 states of Nevada and California 

Lassen volcano national is also in the north of the state, like many higher elevations in the area it has a lot of snow each year and the park remains closed until the road can be cleared.  

Mammoth Lakes is an area on the eastern side of the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, it was very beautiful when we visited in June 2011 although some small roads in the lakes area where still closed.

Mono Lake state park.  A very interesting lake if you go to the viewing area in the state park.

Redwood National Park is on the North West coast of California, The Park contains the tallest trees in the world.
San Francisco is for the USA quite an old city.  The city is very hilly and it is this that gives it character, Cable cars are still running although only 3 routes and when we were last only 2 were open. The city has many interesting buildings, too many to mention here.

Mojave Desert. The Red Rock Canyon Park is on the edge of the desert. Andrews airbase is also nearby if you are traveling from this part of California to Nevada.

The Trinity River runs from the coast near the redwood area inland towards Redding.

The jewel of the area is the Yosemite national Park. If you are planning a visit is sure to try to go to Glacier point and visit the waterfalls in the valley. The Tioga pass is one of the loveliest and wonderful places we have seen.  Be sure to check before you try to cross as t can be blocked by snow until mid June some years


Cameras used on the various trips were Sony a200 with various lens, canon S5, A Fuji 6500, Fuji f20 Lumix FS30 on the trips we have made


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