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Terry Hounsome

I was born In Abingdon, which then was in Berkshire. I lived mainly in Southampton for the next 40 years, apart from one 3 year period in the 70's when he moved to West Wales to build a house in Honeyborough Pembs. After I moved back to Southampton he started collecting the information on records and musicians, that later appeared in the book Rock Record and Single file, The book was also published in 3 editions by Blandford Press as New Rock Record. In the late 1980's Terry moved to West Wales again .

Terry has been interested in records/music since a very early age and spent most of his teens ands early 20's in and around clubs watching bands play live. He briefly played drums in a local Southampton band the Senators in the early 60's. The band played mainly pop covers and were not that good!!!.

In the mid 90's much of this data appeared in a CD-ROM called Hounsome's RockBase and later in 1996 RockBase V2.

For the last few years I have been publishing his own CD-ROM the latest RockRom 10 and also Terry spends some of his time roaming around taking photographs.

Terry Moved to Goodwick in pembrokshire in 2013.During my divorce, i spent a happy year living near the beach.

About this time i decided that all these years collecting information it was time to retire.

Then after the divorce was final I bought A house in Portugal. I spends a lot of time now in the sun looking around the new areas, I have made lot of new friends here and am very happy

Terry Hounsome

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